Man and Van Office and Houses Removals Flexible Services

The removal serves man and van in London has many facilities for the people. For example, skills and expertise, fast response, affordability, in-depth local knowledge, and insurance are at the priority. This service provides the men with vans for offices and houses removals in the entire London.

Plus, if you are worried about keeping the furniture, boxes, and washing machines, then this removal company has packing material and high ceiling vans. Even this service provides the tail lift that the bulky items can be put easily in the van. You can use this man and van removals service without worrying about loading, unloading, and driving.

Man & Van Services in London | Best House Removals & Moving Company

Man and Van

In 2007, this removal company was established. The people of the entire London contact us to remove the houses and offices due to our honesty, quick response, advanced vans, and experienced drivers. Therefore, we provide reliable, affordable and cheap services for the people.

Man and Van Services Facilities

We are responsible for removing everything safely and securely. Also, we provide services with many facilities. Let us mention below!

Skill and Expertise

Our workers have solid expertise, good knowledge, and excellent skills for packing, loading, unloading, and driving. So, you can hire a man with a van by contacting us without taking stress about anything. Even we have all the things that should be in a moving company.

Plus, our main struggle is to satisfy the customers. To invite any person at home is a big deal and it may danger. Therefore, we try to get trusted drivers for you. All the drivers in Man and Van London have these qualities:

  • Experienced & professional
  • Background & reference checked
  • English speaking
  • Fully insured

In-Depth Local Knowledge

We selected the drivers on the base of many things, but the main thing is that they should have local knowledge deeply. So, you can contact us without worrying about this thing. Our drivers know the many paths to enter or out of any city in London. Even they know about every street that is around their locations and that’s why we are providing the services in each city of London.

It may be possible that you are worried about traffic problems. Don’t worry, pick the phone and contact us to hire a man with a van. We can take you to the destination quickly despite traffic problems. The reason is that we have experienced drivers in skills and knowledge.

Fast Response

If you leave even a short message or notice for us, then we contact you. The reason is that fast responding is our main rule. After contacting our drivers with vans will do every possible try to reach you in a short time. Plus, we are available for 24 hours in seven days for customers.

You can contact us every time and any place in London. If you want to travel at night or go to the end corner of London, or think about the long journey, then we are available.


Some people don’t remove the house or offices due to budget issues. If you are worried about the money problem, then don’t need to take the stress. We have affordable service for the customers as compared to the other removing companies in London.

It doesn’t matter where you want to go to London. Only contact us and hire a man with a van for office or home removals. At the same cost, our team will pack, load, unload, and drive for you. If you don’t have cash for paying, then don’t worry because we accept the credit card, debit card, and PayPal.


A lot of people contact us to removals the houses and offices due to Flexibility. The facilities in Man and Van Removals service are according to customer wishes. Plus, we try to cover all the facets of deliveries, moving, and storage. If you want to get the service that is not available in the services’ list, then you should contact us.


Don’t worry if the situation is going wrong. The reason is that we have covered you along with offering safe services. All the men and vans are fully insured in our man and van removal company. Therefore, the people of the entire London are ready to travel with us, and you should also not worry.

Man and Van Services in London

As you know, a lot of removing companies are available in London. Why is this removal service trusted than others? The reason is that we provide different types of services at an affordable cost. All the people in London can use the vans and men of this company for offices and houses removals.

We offer the man with a van London for any time and place. When you hire a man with a van, you have to look at the job details. For example, mention the removal date, van size, number of men, and hours. Plus, you have to type the complete address, select the floor number, and also write that lift is present or not.

Additionally, write the numbers or list of all the items which you want to load in the van. It may be possible that you want to pick some items from another place and so choose the option yes or no for another place. We can provide an affordable man with a van at an affordable cost after completing the job details. Let’s talk about the services that are available in Man and Van!

House Removals Experts London

Our removing company has become the first and best choice for the people that need men and vans for houses and office removals. Do you know why? We have 13 years’ experience in business, and all the workers and vans have legal and clean records. Also, a lot of customers have been satisfied with our services. And they make us more confident.

We recommend you to search for the new houses and offices without worrying about the removals. Our removals company has affordable and cheap facilities for you. Plus, your hired man with a van is responsible for loading, unloading, packing, driving, and taking you t the destination safely. If you have large items like washing machines or furniture, then we can provide safe, secure packing.

Offices Removals Company London

Hundreds of people remove houses and offices in London daily. To remove the office is a more complicated and challenging task. Likewise, continuing the business is very tough while moving one place to another. So, you should focus on your business and leave the issue of the removals.

We know that the most significant money is time, and you should not waste your time on lazy moving companies. Man and Van company is the best, fully trusted, insured, and fast responding. Plus, we have flexible and affordable services for you. Traveling in the night to go to the destination is possible with this company.

Our trusted and professional drivers can take you quickly and safely. Also, it doesn’t matter which material you want to carry with you because we have a packing service with experienced men who know unique skills of packing. This man with a van company is the best choice for the people who need the professionals for removals offices.

Furthermore, if you think that we provide professionalism for a particular customer, and then don’t worry. The reason is that all the individuals and businessmen can get the same services at the same cost. The price starts from 50 pounds for removals of the offices.

Packers and Movers London

We provide the service with packers and commercial movers for any part of London. Vans are different types in this removals company. Luton vans are also available that have high ceilings, and the bulky or big items can be stood in it easily.

Plus, we choose the professionals for packing the material. Our workers wrap every piece of the furniture with protective Jiffy. Likewise, if you have clothes along with office or house removals, then the clothes are packed with wardrobe and cardboards. Also, we keep the clothes into the moving boxes.

Furthermore, don’t need to worry about the fragile times because we pack them by keeping the padding and bubbles. Plus, our professionals mark the items according to the place. The reason is that all things can be put on the same things easily. Approximately, Man and Van Removals Company complete the 30 offices and houses in each week in London. Below the mentioned things are included in our packing knowledge.

  • Easy Identification
  • Quality Packing Materials
  • Art of Packing
  • System Packing
  • Knowledge and Skills

What are the Prices for Various Numbers if Vans and Men?

Every person needs men and vans according to the materials. Therefore, we provide the services at a different and affordable cost for various vans and men. So, the complete detail about various numbers of vans and men are present below!

Medium Van From

  • From
  • £30/Hr
  • (2 Hours Min)
  • Due To Social Distancing
  • Driver (Sits In the Van) – £35.00 per Hour
  • 2 Men Load And Unload – £50.00 per Hour
  • 3 Men Load And Unload – N/A

Large Van From

  • Prices Starting At
  • £35/Hr
  • (2 Hours Min)
  • Due to Social Distancing
  • Driver (Sits In the Van) – £40.00 per Hour
  • 2 Men Load And Unload – £55.00 per Hour
  • 3 Men Load And Unload – N/A

Luton Van From

  • Prices Starting At
  • £40/Hr
  • (2 Hours Min)
  • Due to Social Distancing
  • Driver (Sits In the Van) – £45.00 per Hour
  • 2 Men Load And Unload – £60.00 per Hour
  • 3 Men Load And Unload – N/A

Man and Vans Prices

The prices of the men and vans are different according to the location and time. For example, you have to pay the extra charges if you contact us for hiring the men and vans before 9:00 AM and after 5:00 PM. Also, you can pay the mileage charges that start after ten miles, at the weekend, and for climbing the stairs.

Furthermore, prices depend upon the numbers of men and vans. If you need a man with a van, then it is available at low charges. Likewise, if you hire men with vans for the two bedrooms furniture, then you have to pay more charges. The other factors are below!

  • Extra Charges for Packing Materials
  • How many items you want to move
  • Journey Distance
  • Quantity of the Men
  • Postcodes
  • To climb or down the stairs

Moreover, there are two types of van, transit van and Luton van. If you hire the one, two, or three men with the average transit van, then the price will start from 40, 55, and 70 pounds, respectively. Likewise, if you book the average Luton van with 1,2, or 3 men, then you have to pay the more cost starts from 50, 65, and 80 pounds, respectively.

Moreover, if you want to get details about Man and Van Manchester, Man and Van Gumtree, Man and Van Leicester, and Man and Van near Me, then it is possible. You have to reply to us to know the desired information.

Frequently Asked Question

What size van do I need for a 3 bedroom house?

If you need a van for removals the three bedrooms, then you should hire the 7.5 ton Luton box van with a tail lift.

How many boxes fit in a van?

It depends on the size of the boxes and van. A minimum of 30 medium size boxes can be put in a wheelbase transit van.

What is the largest van you can hire?

The largest van you can hire in Man and vans London services is Ford Transit Luton. So, the dimension of this van is 3.9 meters (Depth), 2.1 meters (Wide), and 2.4 meters (Tall).

Last Verdict

Man and Van Removals Company in London is affordable, flexible, fast responding, fully trusted, and insured. It is available for 24 hours in seven days. If you want any more detail about this removals service, then reply to us through the comment section. Keep visiting. Thanks!