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House Removal

Moving house, office or flat across country or around the corner? No matter how far you plan to move, “VAN ON THE MOVE offers a simple, stress-free, moving experience.We offer a variety of removal services including rubbish collection, items pickup, motorcycle recovery, and house removals. We are a highly motivated team who puts the needs of our clients first.

For most people moving house  is a stressful event. It can be very chaotic trying to get everything packed up and ready by the time the movers appear to start loading the truck. So, in order to help with the task of moving, we offer a choice of 1-2 helpers to make things go smoother. With a little help and corporation, it can be accomplished quickly and easily. After the packing is done and the items loaded on the truck, all that is left to do is drive to your destination and unload your belongings.


Van on the Move offers a range of services from packing and transport, to cleaning and recovery. If this is a first-time move, there are a few things you should know about moving house and removal companies. 

Cheap Removals London

One of the questions we get asked a lot is regarding the cost of removal services. The problem is that most companies can’t give a definitive answer because there are many factors that go into the total cost.  It’s hard to give each customer an exact figure before having a chance to assess their individual requirements. 


Removal costs vary considering how much property or belongings you have. The process for calculating the costs is long and involves many steps. A large portion of the costs are based on the volume of items that you wish to have moved and the total distance of the move. However, every house move is different, and it will also depend on the services you choose. It all adds up for the final cost. We will be as accurate as possible, giving you the best price to fit your needs. 


In general, the cost of a removal is usually based on a number of combined factors such as :


  • Amount of belongings you’re moving (1, 2, or 3 bedroom house)
  • Access to both properties (parking, etc)
  • Distance of the move from beginning to end
  • Your preferences for your move plan
  • Additional services selected – i.e packing services, dismantling/reassembling of items or handyman services.




These are a few of the common services offered by removal companies:


  • Packing Services for Moving Houses.
  • Storage capacity for Moving Houses.
  • Packing Materials for Moving Houses.
  • Packing Fragile and Awkward items.
  • Car Carrier Services.
  • Loading Services.
  • Relocation Services




Many removal companies will provide you with a packing service to accompany your house removal London. We have packers that are trained and experienced in packing to  move your items with a reduced risk of damage to your belongings.  They use proper materials and are skilled in packing items so that they do not get damages during the move. Ensure that your move goes smoothly by getting the support you need. The removal companies also offer unpacking and unloading services so that you can settle into your new home sooner. Letting your removal service  pack your possessions for you helps you to have an easy, stress-free move.




When moving house, you need the right supplies to be successful. If you opt to pack your belongings yourself, often times you can purchase the packing supplies from your removal service. Many removal companies sell sturdy cardboard boxes, packing tape, and packing filler (packing peanuts, bubble wrap) to cushion the items put in the boxes. 




Some items require special consideration when packing such as fine art, antique clocks, and other fragile collectibles. Some removal services will have a specialist who handles packing of fragile items. Another consideration is awkward or heavy items such as pool tables, hot tubs, and piano removals. These items are considerably heavy and will require special accommodation to ensure that they arrive at their destination in pristine condition. For odd sized items like this, special equipment such as lifts, paddings, and cranes are used to securely move your items without risk to people or other objects. 




Often times when moving house, some items cannot be moved in right away for one reason or another. When downsizing to a smaller flat from a larger one, some of the larger items may not fit and will require storage for a time. Or you may have just collected more belongings that you had when you moved in. In any case, many removal companies have storage services for moving house which can temporarily store your items until they can be moved into your home. Ask about storage services before booking your move. 


Steps to Planning a Successful Move

There are steps you can take to ensure that your move goes off without a hitch. Advance preparation and hiring the best removal company can make things go smoothly, even when things don’t go exactly as planned. Here are a few steps you can take to maximize your efforts and take away the stress from a move. Declutter or downsize your belongings. If you have stuff you don’t use anymore, donate it to a thrift store. It doesn’t make sense to move items you no longer need. 

Create an inventory list of all items such as furniture, collections, and antiques to ensure that everything arrives at the new place. 

Decide on a moving date and do a search for the best removal companies in your area. Book house moving services for the date and time you want the move to occur. Making it official will help keep you on track with your packing and organizing goals. 


  • Start packing early. The sooner you start packing boxes, the easier the whole thing will seem. Many people stress over moving because there is so much to do. If you start crossing things off the list, that will lessen that anxiety and help you relax.


  • Pack the rooms that you use least first. If your move is two weeks away, you don’t want to start packing the kitchen first because you will need access to your cooking items. Start packing items stored in the basement, garage, or spare bathroom first. 


  • Call and set up utility services. Having the lights and gas on when you arrive at your new home is a welcome relief. You can set a day to start new service for all your services, including cable television and internet services.


  • Label boxes by room. Once the moving van arrives at your destination, it will be easy to arrange the unloading if each box has a label to say what room it belongs in. With all the boxes in their rooms, you can unpack at your leisure. 


  • Pack a survival box. Pack the things you use every day and night in a separate bag and keep this with you at all times. Items such as medicine, face cream, toothbrush, toilet roll, change of clothes, phone chargers etc will all come in handy and you won’t have to hunt through boxes to find anything.


  • .Don’t overload boxes. It may be tempting to use the maximum space in packing boxes. One of the most common mistakes when packing is overloading boxes. If you reach a point where the box is half-full and starting to get heavy, fill the space with pillows or bath towels and move onto the next box.


  • Put in a change of address with the postal service. Making sure that your mail gets delivered to the right place is easy. Go to the postal office and put in a change of address. You can list the date you will be moving into your new home and have the service start on the same day. 


What to Do on Moving Day


When the day comes, you or your representative will need to be at the property. The removal crew will arrive at the agreed time and will almost always require a quick walk around the house with you to receive any instructions you might have.  At this time you should point out delicate or heavy items that are not to be moved, or the rooms you want loaded into the truck last – because these are what will be unloaded first upon arriving at the new house. 

Once everything is packed and loaded into the van, you will be asked to do a final walk through of the property to make sure that nothing has been overlooked or left behind. Upon arriving at your new property and everything has been unloaded, you’ll be asked to confirm that the move has been carried out to your satisfaction and sign the final paperwork completing the move.

Special Considerations: Moving During Winter

Moving in the winter or during inclement weather can be a challenge. To ensure the safety of all parties, make sure the van has plenty of room to get in and can park close to the front or back door of the home. Keep sidewalks free of ice or debris, and make sure that the doors and entry ways are accessible. Wear warm clothing and dress in layers to stay warm.